For 50 years Maniatis family combines traditional hospitality and atmosphere with high level service. Our businesses are housed in three wonderful stone mansions which we shaped into modern and elegant hotel units of excellent level, ideally combining our tradition with contemporary comforts and modern aesthetics. The interior design was curated by interior design architect and set designer Ioannis Bavarezos.

At the same time, we have followed a positive development model, one that respects our location. Our three hotel resorts along with Maniatis restaurant and the rest of our dining options compose a unique variety that is bound to fulfill any wish our guests may have.

Because we offer unique comforts that you would regularly come across only in the city, though you may enjoy in one of the most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen.
Because you will find yourselves a breath away from the most beautiful sights of mountainous Arkadia and the rest of the Peloponese.
Because our village, Lagadia is gorgeous.
Because in Lagadia we don’t only have a tradition in stone masonry, but also in hospitality.
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