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Welcome to mountainous Arcadia and to the Maniatis group of hotels in the historic town of Lagadia. Here you will enjoy a unique combination of traditional atmosphere and modern comfort, keeping the best elements of both worlds.

What to Do
Outside your hotel you will enjoy the entire ambience of mountainous Arkadia in its apogee: stone built houses, panoramic views, iconic creeks, arched bridges, watermills, a rich history. Everything is here in Lagadia to bewitch you.

Entering your hotel, you are transferred to a different world, contemporary, modern and restful, offering exceptional amenities and unprecedented comforts. For in Lagadia, the Maniatis family combines traditional hospitality and atmosphere with high level service in the last 50 years. Our three elegant and spacious hotel resorts along with our fine restaurant offer a unique multitude of options.

Find the one that suits you. Live all the city comforts in an enticing mountainous village of Arkadia. See you there!
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